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Put Your Followup on Auto-pilot.
If you are losing business because you are constantly chasing after prospects, this is for you. Learn how to avoid the #1 biggest mistake business owners make in their sales.

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Internet and Mobile Marketing 101
If you are not getting the results you want from traditional marketing , this 6 part course shows you how to shift what you already do to online and mobile marketing strategies.

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Here is what our clients have to say about their results

"My income doubled in just 4 months."
"Using the strategies from TMS we were able to grow our business and I was able to fulfill my dream of opening our new offices.  The past year of working with TMS has been great for our business. And our new facility is rated #1 with Inc 500 for most creative spaces."

Traci Jones -Founder and President
Studio 6 Inc-
Branding Campaigns

"...one of the best decisions I made...I would not have gotten my business going without it"

The program for mentoring and helping us launch our new business was thorough and right on the money. We had new clients in 30 days and doubled the business within 90 days. One thing I can always count on is Patrice's amazing ability to help me focus and then move forward. Working with her and the TM Small business team is one of the BEST business decisions I've made. Most importantly, I have to commend them on continuing to offer those gentle nudges to get me back on track!

Susan King -CEO
Educational Products and Services

"…new clients in 30 days"

"Patrice worked with us on the launch of a new product  and new site. She really kept me focused on the priorities and getting it done. With her teams help we launched within the originally planned budget and had new clients within 30 days "

 Lyndell Epp-President
Mail Masters
(Print and Media products)

" ...helped start the business with a lot less cash than I ever thought possible...

"I wanted to make sure my business partner and I were handling the start up of our business with the least risk and the fastest path to revenue. We knew we didn't have all the bases covered to get the money we thought we needed to really get the business going. The team helped us develop a strategy for starting the business with $150, 000 less of an outlay, while at the same time mentoring us on the inroads to getting money from the banks and other sources. I really like the creative responses I get and the high level of professionalism."  

Jeff Roehrig President
J3 Environmental Engineering

" ... inspiring!"

"Patrice, You helped me take a hard look, and think short term and long term".  Your workshop was inspiring and we always look forward to having you back.

Lisa Young 
Communications Director 
Whispering Pines -non profit

"Your Workshop was Excellent.. increased our market reach"
More importantly it was FUN! Your one-on-one mentoring gave our team new ideas we hadn't gotten from others.  I learned great information I was able to apply right away to our products and services to increase our market reach. "

Mariella Palmer
Products Division
Alvarez & Associates
 Engineering and Consulting services